Craps Game – Two Platforms

Craps game is such a simple game to understand and play. It is available in numerous forms. However, the two dominant versions of the game – pass line and come out casino craps – are the most popular in the casino world. These are played at nearly all the online casinos. Often craps game is also offered as a downloadable craps game.

The most popular form of the game is the casino craps. The craps game is played with dice. The game is rather unique in that the come out roll can produce two completely different kinds of dice. The two types of dice are the result of a previous come out roll and the result of the next come out roll. Therefore craps can produce three, four, or ten numbers (as opposed to the usual two) on the dice. The different numbers appear around the dice in a variety of ways.

The pass line is a traditional version of the game. The table is normally crowded, and there is a betting circle in the middle of the table. The shooter (the person rolling the dice) rolls the dice to roll out a number, which is determined by the dice roll numberings. The craps table is then filled with the numbers, with the numbers in what appear to be a line, shifted one way or the other. The shooter then starts rolling, and the dice are held by the shooter until the come out roll occurs.

The come out roll (the first roll) is the Point. The come out number (the first number rolled) is the number that defines the point. Story tellers often speak of ‘the numbers were in’. When this happens, bets are paid, and the table begins betting. The next roll becomes the Point, and the table once again starts betting. At this point, the Third Street (the Turn) is reached.

The third and final round is reached when the player (called the ‘seader’) rolls the dice to the point of coming out (the point is the actual number five). At this stage, the table bets, the dice are held by the shooter until the come out roll, at which point the table will bet the Come Out roll.

The game ends for the player when he rolls the point number, a 7 appears, or the table bets the maximum bet allowed for the table.

The player can lose his pass line bet by rolling a seven before rolling the point number or the correct number 7. The player also loses his don’t pass bet, if a 7 appears before rolling the point number.

The two casino craps bets with the lowest Bolagila advantage are the Pass Line Big 8 and Don’t Pass Big 8 bets. These bets have casino advantages of less than 1.2% and 2.4% respectively.

Now, the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets are great bets. If you bet them wisely, you will win. However, hardly anyone is able to bet the Pass Line or Don’t Pass with the correct amount. The correct bet is usually the middle one between the Pass and Don’t Pass, if you are betting on one of the rolls.

The best bet is, of course, the middle one. You get the biggest possible odds on any of the rolls and therefore a bigger edge. Therefore, the only bet you should make when playing craps is the Pass Line bet, with the maximum odds.

Any other bet is a calculated guess and will lose you money. Because the pass line bet is the best, the casino edge on this bet is very low, as low as 1.41% 4.26% 9.09% 5.26% 8.34%.

We also suggest you keep away from bets with an odd number, as these bets have an equal house advantage.