Revealed – The Affiliate Marketing Success Question – Do I Have What it Takes?

Some people decide that affiliate marketing is everything, it is a simple, no-brainer formula to make a fortune online. But guess what?

Most simply aren’t the type of people that make the kind of money they can. Why is that?

If it was that easy, why aren’t everyone in the super- Profits -class making tons of cash?

Because the two types of people are not always teamed up together!

Back to the points under discussion.

Internet marketers usually fall into one of three main camps.

One – Are you in the business to make a profit? or Are you driven by a dream that replacing your full-time income can be accomplished.

Two – You are in it strictly for the money. If you are, you will have to work really, really hard to increase your online traffic.

Three – You are in it strictly for the money, but you don’t like it. There’s no money in that.

A potential affiliate marketer has to decide whether they are in it for that profit, or the profit is king. For many affiliate marketers, the right balance is hard to find. You don’t have to pick the right answer at the beginning, but your success will definitely depend on how you conduct and conduct your business online.

How Important Is it To Increase Online Traffic?

Doing what is right and doing it right are two completely different issues. While many in the Affiliate Marketing world are all about increasing online traffic, the hard truth is that money is king no matter what!

If you know your online business at all, you can tell whether you’re winning or losing. If it’s selling affiliate products that give you some cash upfront, you’ll win. If you are paying $100 a lead with AdWords/AdBrite, you’ll lose. If you can develop a site where one page is live on the net with an opt-in form and the main site offers a $100 e-Book to downloading… then you’ll win!

So what do I do? What does that matter?

Hitting the right traffic volume in the first instance will improve your income, but every day you need to push your traffic volume.

If your pros have been in the business for a couple of years and they have at least 20-30k in daily income, then it means these people are raking in $3k to $5k daily.

If you say you wish to make that much daily, but it hasn’t happened yet… then you know how much you need to work. Until you reap the rewards of your labours.

Like I said earlier, we don’t know the secrets to success.

I simply cannot tell you what the formula is like.

But I can tell you the secrets to building a successful business. The secret formula is that there is no secret formula. Every successful affiliate marketer has worked a steady homework-dance from study and application.

Reading from the original concept and putting it to practice is what will get you over the first hurdles.

Look, I come from a corporate background of working in most environments all my working life. I always had decent time to perform my job.

Commission rates, processes and systems were great. But I always felt that it wasn’t taking full advantage of my talent.

I didn’t know how to target my talent and guess what? Once I found the formula, it worked for me.

People are attracted to the same things.

Helping people make better choices, participating in Joint Venture (JV), connecting with your contacts via free e-books, pokerclub88, etc.

What are your aspirations?

What are you passionate about?

Do you like and enjoy listening to car audio?

Do you know your resources a lot?

Are you a former teacher/mentor/copywriter?

What were your problems as a teacher/mentor/copywriter?

What is your remedy for the problem?

What is your “system”?

What do you do now for your main business?

Do you sell informational products?

Do you act as a trainer or consultant?

Do you like hard-selling?

What is your “perceived value”?

How important is it to you?

What freebie would you eat up that would do the trick?

Do you like making sales for AdSense?

Do you know which free sites generate high traffic?

Are you a master of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation?

Are you into blogging?

Do you know hot PPC programs or AdWords – Pay Per Click/AdBrite?

explosify your cash-in-hand business, first!

Head in the right direction.