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Are the Poker Sites Controlling Your Poker Hands

Are the Poker Sites Controlling Your Poker Hands?

Many poker players will claim that online poker is rigged by the poker site’s controlling hands. Some even believe that their accounts are flagged by the poker sites to cause them to lose. There is some truth to the fact that online poker can be rigged, but it’s not because the poker site has anything to hide. The poker sites are subject to regulation and fair play rules set by the World Trade Organization (WTO) . However, in order to avoid possible prosecution for violations of the rules, many transparent and legitimate online poker sites will “ouflage” their software from the public.

The reason they do this is fairly simple. They don’t want people to be able to see their algorithms, which would mean that players could easily figure out their patterns and advantage. In addition, obvious algorithms can easily be detected by adversaries. Android phones, for example, have the ability to check what’s going on behind the scenes. In order to not alert adversaries directly, certain algorithms are implemented which will cause certain actions to take place. Some of these actions will cause a poker game to be loads of fun while some may be predictable.

In order to protect their poker algorithm from being detected, certain poker sites will execute actions that will directly hinder your poker game. Some of these actions will in fact, allow you to win, while others will make it easier for your opponents to tell what cards you have and what you will do. Some of these actions will be predictable and some will be difficult to predict.

Some of these 7meter algorithms are consistent while others are variable. In order to prevent cheating and collusion by unscrupulous players, the poker site will implement programs that will actually modify the way the cards are dealt and the way in which they determine hand outcomes.

Some of these poker algorithms are directly related to the game of blackjack, which is one of the games that many online casinos offer. In fact, the card dealing algorithms are specifically designed to make the game of blackjack, more difficult than it needs to be.

In addition to the fact that online poker is rigged, the poker algorithms are often troublesome and often engage in behavior that is difficult to manage and even somewhat uncomfortable to watch. One of the more frequently occurring events associated with these poker algorithms is constant bad beats. Many players will scream foul at anything that they perceive as an unfair practice, especially at sites that they feel have been rigged. However, many of the methods that the online poker sites use to deal out cards and the way in which those cards are selected is completely within the rules of poker.

Most of the time, the number of hands that one is involved in will be well below the number of hands that one would typically play in a live game. The number of hands that one is involved in can be well established by identifying the average number of hands that a participant would typically play in a live game. In other words, if a participant is involved in, at least 35 hands per hour, then one would expect a fast paced game. Indeed, the average may be lower, but if one is participating in more than 35 hands, it is unlikely that one will have a playable hand at any point in time.

The poker website that is used may also have layout and design issues that are not ideal for the display and interacting of players and therefore may make the game less enjoyable and perhaps even frustrating to watch.

Discover what makes a good poker site before playing.

A Time For Poker

A Time For Poker

Bola88 is what we are all about. Some people like to call it gambling but to me poker is simply a game of skill. Can you out smart the other players? Can you out pray the other players? That’s what we all want an answer to, that’s what makes the game so challenging.

When I think about a long term investment i.e. 50 years into the future, I have a pretty good idea of what the highest returns will be for the money invested over that time period. It’s been a while since my last statistical report but based on the growth in this sector over the last 4 years, it could be a while before this data decreases again.

If you wanted to play poker based on a NBA sports betting system, you could be holding on by your fingernails for months, saying to yourself “I’m not going to chance it again…” I urge you to follow my example and re-invest your winnings back into your selections. Re-investing is essentially compounding your winnings and giving them another opportunity to increase, turning the next play or the next hand into a much more profitable scenario and therefore a much more rewarding sports investing experience.

This is why I recommend re-investing every time. There are hundreds of opportunities to do so, but your focus has to be in the area outlined in the first paragraph. It’s up to you to identify those situations where re-investing in the next hand or the next race is a sound investment in your methodology. If you think about it, in the NBA , teams average between 78-82 wins per season and between 74-76 losses per season. Those are some good numbers to be re-investing in.

In fact, based on the past years trends, you would have produced a ROI of 14% either way, guaranteed. That’s a lot of money by any measure. Let’s break it down and see how those numbers translate over the long term.

The abrupt unluck always catches up to you, I’m sure you’re all aware of this. But the important lesson I take from this is to never let it get you down about it. That’s tilt time my friend and that’s the point you really have to push through and learn to ignore.

If you had a large fallen bankroll and decided to break it up into 5 plays or 5 races, the first thing you would do is look at the pros and cons of each option. If it’s a guaranteed win, most re-investing cases are a break even proposition. The potential is there but you have to weigh that against the risk versus reward.

The five percent rule is a lot of money to put at risk with very little potential of gaining back a profit. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s say you can extract a profit on a parlay of 21 bets where the majority of the bets lose. How many parlays can you make before you have lost enough to justify breaking up the parlay into five shorter ones? In a parlay of 21 bets, the threerd bet can’t hurt your odds and the first two can definitely help. The rule in finance is an investment is not a gamble so take your time and don’t become impatient.

With a parlay of 21 bets, which is really three bets, you only have to win two of your bets to break even. With the first two bets, you need to beat the spread and that’s usually enough to make the bet profitable. With the next two, you are yet to beat the spread so it’s a good idea to get out if you have a losing week.

With a parlay of 14 bets, you will need to hit all 14 bets to make a profit. With the bets on the first and second round, you will probably lose one of them but the others should be profitable. There are too many variable in the NBA tournament and you won’t know until the last four hours which games will work to your advantage and which ones won’t. Plan your buy in and travel carefully.

The key to sports betting is to have good discipline and a clear head. If you can’t accept losing, you will never be able to build your gambling bankroll.