Keno Strategy – The Secret of the Best Odds

Keno is a game of huge odds, involving hundreds of equations in the game play. Calculating the odds in keno is not as simple as it sounds, but thanks to some keno strategy techniques, it is easy to work out and the winnings can be significant.

Any keno player will tell you that the odds against hitting the numbers in the Big 5-50 is 14 million to 1, and in the 15 spot game is 25 million to 1. These are huge odds and you may be tempted to avoid them, but you can’t and shouldn’t.

The trick in keno is to play the 15 spot games and then move to the other spots. If you choose to play the 15 spot games, and you only win the 15th time, then the odds are you will repeat the number and win. However, the 25 spot games where you should be playing are won 20 times each time and so if you only bet on the 15 spot games, you will win over 200 times.

The return for betting the 25 spot instead of the 15 spot is a lot lower however. The 25 spot will hit once every 400 spins whereas the 15 spot is once every 1,000 spins. Remember however that the 15 spot will hit 20% of the time whereas the 25 spot will hit 50% of the time.

Also, the 15 spot game has much worse odds because the numbers aren’t drawn as frequently as the 25 spot. Numbers are drawn about once every 60 spins on the 15 spot, and once in every 200 spins on the 25 spot.

Combining the fact that the 15 spot is unlikely to happen, the 25 spot is much more likely to happen. This should be used as a basis for playing both the 15 and the 25 spot. You should find a table that allows betting both the 15 and the 25 spot. This way you have more than one way to hit the big payout.

If you play the 15 spot first, you stand to win the most money. Obviously, if the 15 spot hits you will win a lot more than if you bet the 25 spot. The best odds of winning when betting on the 15 spot is obviously the 15 spot. Therefore, when playing the 15 spot you should always bet the most money.

You also need to realise that the 15 spot will hit more often than the 25 spot. The odds are 1 in 200 spins of the 15 spot, compared to 1 in 600 spins for the 25 spot. The 15 spot will hit once in 47 spins, compared to once in 127 spins for the 25 spot. The need to increase the number of spins you’re willing to bet on the 15 or the 25 spot.

If you’re not sure which bet to choose, always bet on the 15 spot. This way you’ll increase your payouts by slim margins, whereas if you bet the 25 spot you tend to lose much more.

If you have enough money, you can play the same bet time after time, and make small profits. These profits build up and you can then begin to gamble with larger amounts of money. The trick is to do this within your limits, yet keep in mind that you should never completely bank the system.

You should always try to add a percentage to your bankroll for every time you win. 15% is a good figure to work with.

If you begin to win larger amounts, leave some of this winnings in your account until you have a large enough bankroll. This way you’ll have a reserve that you can always draw on when you need the money.

If you play with a $1 budget, you should leave 1% of your winnings in your account.

CDs are a good way to listen to the lottery theory. Determine how often you play and place the CD on that schedule. If you play twice a week, always play the 15 spot or the 25 spot. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should listen to the CD. If you’re not sure that the CD is going to increase your chances, you can listen to the CD several times.

It is very cheap to buy these discs. They’re even available at dollar stores for about $1.50. While you’re placing thediscounted CD, you can listen to the CD several times. That alone should make you realize its benefits and start making your strategy to win the lottery more optimal.

Making an extra $1.50 is never a bad investment, so you should listen to the CD even if you already planned to use your $1 paycheck from work. The bandar togel is too important to be ignored.